Friday, May 22, 2009

New Bag Design

"Daisies and Kiwi"

I have finished making this bag 2 days ago and instantly fell in love with it. I love the combination of colors.I used Timeless Treasures, Floral Kiwi fabric.You'll see more gorgeous design of this pixie bag on my etsy shop on the coming days.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Blog Give Away

Do you like to win one of this?
I'm really excited to do this for the very first time and I assure everyone that it will be fun.


I have 2 questions for you to answer to gain a valid entry for this give away.

First question is an easy one and the second is a really tough one. It is answerable by a YES or a NO though, but it will let you think real hard.

1. What's your favorite item on my shop? (put the title of your favorite item, ex. Wristlet - I Love the 70s), (Pixie bags are not included on this give away)

2. Refer on the picture below. Do you think my daughter is adorable on this picture? Yes or No?

- my cute & adorable Maya -

Post your answers here along with your name/etsy name and email address.


The winner will get her favorite item that she picked on my store. I think that would make the winner really happy with what she'll be getting.


1. Purchase anything from any of my etsy shop ( or Post the link of what you have purchase here = 6 entries
2 .Follow me on my blog = 2 entries

3. Heart my mayaskalupi etsy shop ( = 1 entry

4. Heart my melovesunset etsy shop ( = 1 entry

5. Heart both my etsy shop = 3 entries

Note : Add on your post "heart 1" if you hearted 1 shop or "heart 2" if you hearted 2 shops.

This give away will run from May 21 - May 31, 2009 (11:59pm eastern time)

I will write every entry on a paper and will be place in a bowl, then I will let my husband pick one winner.

I'll be posting the winner and the item won here on my blog on June 1, 2009

Good Luck Everyone!

My Favorite Etsy Stores

Here are a few of my favorite things...feels like singing :)
1. POLESTAR ( - This store is my most favorite. I love all the jewelries that she sells on her store. All her jewelry pieces are simple and can be worn with a casual attire. A lot of times I will spend maybe an hour or two just browsing on her store. Sadly, I still haven't buy anything from her shop but definitely I will do real soon.
Favorite Items on Shop : Limoncello earrings & necklace, Stormy Day/Night earrings & necklace, Verdant earrings & necklace, Aurora Borealis necklace, Sangria necklace, Cherry Cherry necklace, Sangria necklace, Sea Floor earrings, Sanguine Drop necklace, and Olive Tree necklace

2. KEYKALOU ( - I just love all of Michelle's bags & wristlet patterns. Actually, I was inspired by her beautiful finished item made from her patterns that's why I decided to start sewing again and open my Maya's Kalupi etsy store. I'm really glad that she decided to change her shop policies and allows selling the items made from her pattern. If you're a beginner, her patterns are right for you to start with.
Favorite Items on Shop : Curvy Clutch pattern, Small Satchel pattern, Lots of Pockets Tote pattern, Box Wallet & Pyramid Pouch pattern

3. HOLLAND DESIGNS ( - The model of the items made from her crochet patterns is her daughter Holland...she is sooo cute and adorable. Love the pictures where Holland shows off her feet wearing her Mom's creations. I know a little bit of crocheting but I think my skills on this craft is still not enough but has plans of learning so I can make Holland Designs cute crochet baby shoes. I'm sure it will look cute on my daughter's feet also :)
Favorite Items on Shop : Sole Lovely Mary Janes, Daisy Baby Flip Flops, Baby's Wreath Bootie, & Flower Petal Mary Jane

4. JAPONICAS ( - I bought a custom necklace from this shop and Jet (owner) is soo kind to replace the custom photo pendant (the glass was remove probably from transit) and adjust the picture of my daughter. I have not receive the replacement yet but really excited to see it. A lot of pretty jewelries and you'll love the vintage look of some pieces on this shop.Will definitely recommend this shop.
Favorite Items on Shop : My Balloons Flew Away necklace (just like my custom necklace but with just one pendant and a cross charm), My Little Garden 6 necklace, Sherry earrings, Breathe bracelet

5.TRENDY KNITTING ( - This shop has crochet shrugs, scarves, and shawls in pretty colors. You must check this shop. Items on this shop looks very comfortable to wear specially on winter.
Favorite Items on Shop : This Gypsy Shawl and Scarf is on my TO BUY list I love it!

6. CITE FUZZ ( - Cuteness!!! This shop sells crochet caps & hats for toddlers, kids, & adults. Their mini monkey flap hat for toddler/kids are soo cute. It will surely look great if you have a baby boy/girl. I want to buy one for my baby girl if we live somewhere cold but we live in Nevada and the weather now is close to a hundred...really hot and it's not even summer yet.
Favorite Items on Shop : Mini Monkey Flap Hat

7. TO SWEET PEA FROM ME ( - I bought some cute bows and hair bands from this shop. Really looks cute on my daughter. You will also love the baby dresses in very cute fabric and baby booties.
Favorite Items on Shop : Bows on Bowtique Section, Lemony Fresh A Line Dress, Isn't She Lovely A Line Dress, & Dots and Flowers A Line Dress

8. LAUREN ALEXANDER ( - A very talented etsy artist, you'll see that on every item on her shop. I adore all her paintings. It reminds me of being free & happy, will put a smile on your face :). I bought 2 prints from her shop I think last year. It is now framed and hanging on our living room.
Favorite Items on Shop : All her artworks (owls and feathered friends)
9. LING GLASS ( - A very unique soldered jewelry pieces made from colored glass. Her stained glass pendants are adorable.
Favorite Items on Shop : Vintage Style Glass Gem Pendant
10. SAY YOUR PIECE ( - I just saw this shop this morning. I checked it and loved it. All her ceramic pieces are adorable and very affordable.

Monday, May 4, 2009

My First Blog Post

Hi to everyone!

I have decided to create a blog for my etsy store and for some etsians to see who's who behind this shop.

I'll be posting my new creations here, little bit about my family, or anything I feel like sharing.I will be doing my best to update this blog, maybe posting once or twice in a week.

Though, I still need to familiarize myself on some things associated in blogging...I'll get by...for sure.

I welcome myself in the world known as blogging...

Maya's Kalupi's Fan Box