Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time for Another Blog Give Away July 26 - August 5

Win 1 of this bracelet

I'm excited to do another blog give away, my second actually.
THE PRIZE : BRACELET similar to the picture above in your favorite color :)
Here's how you can join :
1. Go to my etsy shop and post here your favorite item from my shop.
2. What's your favorite color?
* This will earn you 2 entries *
Earning Additional Entries :
1. Purchase anything from any of my etsy shop ( or Post the link of what you have purchase here = 8 entries
2. Tweet about this give away and post the link here = 3 entries
3. Follow me on twitter = 3 entries
3 .Follow me on my blog = 3 entries
3. Heart my mayaskalupi etsy shop ( = 2 entries
4. Heart my melovesunset etsy shop ( = 2 entries
NOTE : You must post here what you've done to earn additional entries so that it will be easier for me to tally all the entries.
How the Winner will be pick? Each entry will be written on a paper then be put in a bowl, then I'll be the one to pick a winner.
This give away will start July 26 until August 5 (11:59pm Eastern Time).
Winner will be post here on my blog.
Good Luck everyone!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Shop Look! New Products! Same Colorful Items!!

I'm so excited on the items that i'm working on this past few weeks.

Please watch out for the launching of my new line of jewelries/accessories.

<<-------My Work Area

Believe it or not...I work infront of the television while taking care of my baby, and sometimes also, while cooking something in the kitchen (multi-tasking working at it's best).

My melovesunset shop ( re-open on July 21, 2009 (My Sister's Birthday!)

supplies i'm working on -------- >>>

Another Blog Give-Away...Coming Soon!

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