Monday, June 22, 2009

My Passion....BAKING!!!

I started baking when I was 18 years old.When I was still very young I really do enjoy watching cooking/baking shows on tv with my 2 other sister.I think the very first recipe that my sisters and I tried was I think an ice cream like recipe that has cream, chocolate, sugar, eggyolks.
Back then I used to try a lot of recipes that I have watched on tv.My mother, and my 2 sisters are my "guinea pigs". They will tell me the truth, if they liked the taste or not.
I only had my formal schooling on baking back in 1999.I took up a 1 month Commercial Baking Course in Phillipine Women's University (PWU) in Manila, Philippines. I had so much fun on this class.I learned a lot of techniques on baking specially on bread making.They thought us how to bake pandesal (Filipino version of dinner roll), baguette, classic white bread, cinnamon rolls, danish pastries, ensaymada (brioche), and different cakes.
I want to take up Culinary Course but we can't afford it.It is too expensive and in the Philippines, our government don't give assistance like a student loan that you can get not like here in the US.My husband once asked me that if I still want to study culinary I can call up a school and inquire about it (and beside there's a lot of good culinary schools here in Vegas)but I'm sure it is much expensive here.My husband and I just moved here in the US from the Philippines March of 2007 so we're still paying A LOT of BILLS so I said no, not this time...but I'm still the future maybe.
I found a good opportunity to develop,improve, and expand my baking skills when one hotel in Makati Philippines hired me as their Pastry Cook after finishing my on-the-job training hours on their hotel.I've worked on that hotel for I think 1 year and 4 months.
Being busy sewing bags, thinking of new ideas and products to sell/make for my etsy shop I thought of baking last Sunday and besides it's Father's Day and my husband likes custard so I thought of baking a custard cake.
It may not be too perfect visually but I tell you this custard cake is soo yummy.Next time I will adjust the oven temperature, and maybe bake it in baine marie.I found the recipe of this yummy CUSTARD CAKE at
I felt happy doing MY PASSION AGAIN :)


  1. I love a good bibingka (I think that's how you spell it)...Oooh, and pancit noodles...yum!!!

  2. It looks yummy! You are a woman of many talents. Absolutely love your bags.

  3. Looks delicious...I, too, love to bake. Didn't really start until I had my own place and the time to it is something I do to relax and enjoy an afternoon or evening. :)

  4. Looks yummy and what a beautyful little babygirl you have.


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