Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pixie Clutch


This clutch is sooo cute!!!

I'm done making it this afternoon and it turned out really adorable.This is a lot bigger than the wristlet on my shop.More room for your personal stuff.
Size of clutch :
Length : 10 1/2 inches (widest part on the bottom)
Width : 4 inches
Height : 8 inches

Keykalou blogged about this (http://keyka.typepad.com/my_weblog/pixie-handbag/ ).She thought of making a clutch out of her Pixie Bag pattern.I read the post yesterday and have thought of making it today and I'm really happy with the result.

I'm patiently waiting for my new fabrics to arrive so that I can start making this clutch but I still have 2 or 3 designs here that's still need to be done.
This particular clutch design will be available on my shop probably on Friday the latest.


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